Maple City Music Therapy provides a wide range of services based on the needs of our clients and facilities. Please check out more detailed descriptions of our services below.

Therapy & Approach

Individual Therapy

Individual music therapy may be recommended to meet goals and objectives created following an assessment. This person-centered therapy uses music to address a wide variety of needs including cognitive, social, motor, speech domains and more. Assessments are $110 (includes 2 30-min sessions and a treatment plan report). If therapy is recommended, sessions are $45/30-minute or $75/50-minute. Please contact us to discuss accepted payment options.

Group Therapy

Group music therapy can help create a bond within a community. Groups are recommended to help foster creativity while also creating connection between participants. Group rates vary based on frequency and length. Groups may be recommended or requested at 30-minute or 50-minute increments and may be small or large in size. 

Music Classes

Music classes can help people of all ages feel connected to music through singing, instrument playing, song writing, and simply exploring music. These help foster creativity and learning through music activities. This may entail learning an instrument (such as piano, guitar or ukulele), but will vary. Sessions are $45/30-minute or $75/50-minute and may be recommended in an individual or group setting based on the person and their own preferences.


Presentations and trainings can be provided for an addtional fee based on the length and specific details of the presentation. 

Heartbeat Projects

The heartbeat is what gives us life. Every individual is born with rhythm in their body. Heartbeat recordings may be used in music therapy especially for terminally ill or elderly clients to create a meaningful gift for loved ones as well as create a beautiful space to reflect and connect.

Reassurance and Balance in the Post Partum Journey

Music therapy can provide a safe space for mothers and fathers to learn to bond with baby as well as a space to work through trauma associated with childbirth and becoming a new parent. Music therapists can help write lullabies, create personalized playlists for each part of the birth experience, increase breast milk production, and help parents learn how to bond with baby!

Music affects every person differently.

Contact us today to see if music therapy will be a good fit for you or your loved one(s).

Music is powerful.


Music therapists continually evaluate our groups and individuals to be sure we are meeting their specific needs as well as adjusting individual goals based on current progress.


Music therapists continually grow from learning from our clients each and every day! Music therapists also recertify every 5 years through at least 100 credit hours.


Music therapists are extremely passionate about the power of music and how it can help to better daily life.


  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Music classes
  • Presentations
  • Heartbeat Project
  • Postpartum Music Therapy


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